I’ve been a student at Phoenix for  over two years now and having attended a few different groups, I can honestly say it is zany! I have cerebral palsy so use a wheelchair to get around. “Inclusive.” can be misinterpreted as “Just for those with additional needs.” Running two groups, one for people with additional needs and one without is segregation. Keeping cast members in a separate backstage space because they have a disability is segregation. Well, I can confidently state-None of that goes on here. The choreographer and director don’t dumb down, they even do impressions of a stereotypical patronising person (which is hilarious.) The group gives you opportunities to sharpen your acting skills and creativity through games and dance but specialises in musical theatre. They frequently invite West End performers to do workshops and annually participate in Springboard , one of the UK’s largest drama festivals, with both solo and group entry.

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